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Ashley Bovan works at poetry and photography and has recently completed his MA studies. He has been published in 40 journals and online.

bio - long

I failed O-level English language twice – got it the third time. Need you read on? All this despite a keen interest in writing from an early age. So it’s pretty clear there’s no natural ability.

After O-levels, 1965, I started (with Rob North) an independent school mag called “Trash” [3 issues] (later “Q4” - 1 issue) and also got into guitar playing and song writing.

At Cardiff Uni (UWIST) I was contributor and reporter, then Arts Editor and then Editor, of the college Newspaper “Impact”.

After coll I sent a few writings off to publishers but got nowhere. 1972 I had my first big clear out – a dustbin full of 10 years of scribbles.

My creative efforts were channelled, in 1973, for 20 years, into running "The Wholefood Shop" (Cathays, Cardiff) and overlapped with/were followed by 10 years of computer programming and 10 years of using a computer sequencer to compose music.

Come 2002 it was time to start writing again and begin to learn the craft. I started going to creative writing classes.

In 2004 I set up my website so I could get feedback and help me improve. Many thanks to all of you who offered advice and encouragement.

In June 2009 I started sending poems off to publishers and can happily report that I've had nearly 100 published in 40 different outlets.

October 2009 - I started doing an MA at Lancaster University in Creative Writing (poetry)(online) - good news, Oct 2011 - hard work, but I got a distinction !!

2013 and on... writing,
and have got the time now to take and edit photos

Last updated spring equinox 2013

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