George Szirtes and I became friends back in the 6th form at Kingsbury Grammar School. We shared an interest in poetry, music and travel. Since those days he has pursued a career of excellence and has had 12 books of poems published by OUP and much more.

Ouroboros is a poetry and art journal that showcases new, emerging, and established poets and artists who are passionate about art and craft. We are interested in vivid, modern poems that change our perceptions, in art that takes us beyond the apparent.

The Cleave - Cleave poetry is a new way of thinking about poetry. It opens out onto a land where structure paradoxically allows greater exploration of language, context, meaning... where poetry is synergistic on an interpersonal as well as a personal realm. The concept is relevant to our fragmented world, the form is elegant and flexible: the doorway is open.
cleave poetry

Neon Highway Poetry/Art Magazine - Avant-garde Literary journal - Neon Highway, the magazine for experimental and innovative poetry. Experimentation can be linguistic, it can be thematic, it can be procedural, structural, topical. Experimental does not necessarily mean obscure or highbrow. It is a freshness, a state of mind, a willingness to take a risk on behalf of your writing.
Neon Highway

Reach Poetry monthly poetry magazine is a successful and popular subscriber publication now into its 10th year. It publishes quality poetry from both experienced and new poets. Formal or free verse, haiku…. everything...Reach achieved 3rd position in the Purple Patch Small Press UK Poetry Awards 2007, the highest placed monthly poetry magazine.
Reach Poetry

Sarasvati showcases poetry and prose, with each contributor having 3-4 pages. It is a 56 page A5 Perfect bound magazine - £4.00 per issue or £22.00 for six issues UK - £4.50 per issue or £25.00 for six issues Rest of World. It does not have public / arts / grant funding so is dependant on subscriptions. Please try to support this magazine.

Inclement Poetry Magazine - poetry for the modern soul. Inclement is an independent small-press magazine, funded solely by subscriptions. Every penny they receive goes into making Inclement bigger and better, so that more and more poets can find a voice.

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