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New Hyphenated Word Lists

December 2014 - two new lists of words broken into syllables.

1/ - Working title - Huge List

This list contains all UK and US permitted scrabble words, all the Moby Hyphenated Wordlist, words from various dictionaries and spell-check lists. Therefore, it has a stack of archaic, variant spellings, and words rarely used, but also all common words, with derivatives - the idea is to create a database from which to select as needed. Currently 340,000 words.

2/ - Working title - Safe List

- a cut-down version of Huge List - words which are in more common usage. I call it Safe List because this is the list which has been checked for errors, more so than the Huge List. This list will be revised - words added, words removed, syllable breaks edited. Currently 140,000 words.

Please report any errors or omissions.

More spiel to follow - enjoy

24 December 2014

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New Revised Lists
Words broken into Syllables - Hyphenated


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